supporting business growth

Into Japan

Foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in this massive market need independent advice that is focused on making their business a success from experts with the experience and unparalleled track record of representing foreign companies in Japan. Our team has a wealth of experience in setting up and running different types of business entity in Japan including research, marketing & sales, accounting and strategic planning.

Outward from Japan

Small and medium-sized Japanese companies are increasingly looking outside of Japan to increase their businesses. Platform One applies the same skill sets it uses to help companies setting up in Japan to help Japanese companies expand internationally. We talk Japanese in Japan but English in overseas markets to ensure that our clients get the best possible chance of breaking into their chosen markets..

Start-ups in Japan

Setting up a new company in Japan is time consuming and expensive.

If you are new, entrepreeurial start-up, you don't want to waste you resources, both finan cial and the time it takes to get a company going.

If you want to have your own company, Platform One can advise you on the best striucture and introduce professionals to help you make your dream a reality.

As an alternative, Platform One's Umbrella® service allows you to set up as a division of Platform One. No set-up cost while youi get your business launched until you have proof of concept while Platform One carries out the necessary administration that keeps a company operational - accounting, administration, banking, tax etc. Once you have proof of concept, then you can review the sort of operation you want in Japan. If, alas, the business does not take off, then closing the division of Platform One can be done easily without the cost and aggravation of closing a legal entity. 


The PlatformOne team has an unparalleled track record of providing director and senior level executives to companies operating in Japan. These appointments have included:

Worldwide leader in liquid metering, analyzing and processing

  • Following the acquisition of a US company by a UK company (Seal Analytical), the Japanese subsidiary was not needed. Appointed Managing Director with the instruction to close the company and transfer the business to local agents
  • Terminated all staff without incident, negotiating termination payments within budgetTransferred inventory to agents, disposed of surplus items and industrial supplies including chemical reagents
  • Closed the office and completed the legal processes for dissolving the legal entity

Major international school 
  • Six years as Board Member and Honorary Treasurer (six years of growth and financial surpluses)
  • Two years as Honorary Auditor
  • Revised financial reporting to match coat and revenue planning to actual business cycle
  • Took role in strategic planning for school expansion
  • Represented the school in financial matters including presentations at AGMs and negotiations with the Development Bank of Japan for expansion finance
  • Also a Trustee of the School for six years

Global contact lens company 
  • A subsidiary was established to acquire the distribution network from a Japanese company. Provided financial advice to the (Japanese) managing director
  • Advised on negotiations with the selling company and liaised with Head Office in California
  • Established financial records and reporting structure
  • Acted as Interim Financial Director for one year after the business transfer was concluded

Wine importing company 
  • Interim President for the Japanese subsidiary of a Hong Kong-based wine distributor
  • Recruited Sales Manager
  • Chaired monthly sales and management meetings
  • Provided accounting services including the preparation and filing of statutory accounts

Fashion products company 
  • Interim Finance Manager of  the Japanese subsidiary – established the accounting function in a start-up, set up financial records, cash management and management reporting
  • Later Representative Director, responsible for the whole company in Japan

Dormant entertainment company 
  • Representative Director
  • Represented the company in a hostile tax audit
Regional technical (IT) outsourcing company 
  • Representative Director
  • Advised the company on downsizing of the office
  • Represented the company in negotiations with a trade union

Business process outsourcing company 
  • Including the companies listed above, representative director for nine client companies; branch manager for four client companies, director of three group companies and branch manager for one group company.