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Patrick Reynolds, founder, The Peak Condition Project / Wellness360 

A few years ago in I started leading friends through an online personal training program in my free time.  When it started to look like a viable business opportunity, I asked Tim if he could help me get it off the ground.  He provided me the roadmap for transforming a hobby into a full time business.  In weekly meetings we broke down what the strengths and weaknesses of the business model and made continual refinements.  Tim always kept me focused on setting and achieving benchmarks to move the business forwards.  At the same time, he never overlooked the importance of day to day details, and helped me get my work-flows, book-keeping, and taxes in order.  By keeping one eye on the larger vision and the other on the nuts and bolts of running a business, my profits grew year after year.

The enterprise became so successful  that a group of investors approached me with a large amount of capital to expand the business into an A-List fitness program that could compete with the industry leaders.  We have expanded to 40 countries and continue to see our profits rise quarter over quarter.  Without Tim's guidance at the formative stages, it would have taken me many more years to get to this stage, and I might not have made it at all. 

MN,President & CEO, Ocular Sciences KK

The purposes of this letter is to explain how considerably I appreciate Mr. Tim Coomber and his company. During our recent effort to establish a company in Japan from scratch, acquire a Japanese company and start our own business, Mr. Tim Coomber was involved when we used this Japanese company as a stepping stone .……… One thing that differentiated their services from others was their hands-on approach. Tim actually became the acting CFO of the company and was the second “employee” next to me…… I believe it was not an easy task to organise the finance function to be able to synchronise with the activities in the US under the condition of no sufficient IT support being available…… Thanks to their assistance, the company was able to accomplish the original first year plan and has been growing rapidly as expected. I believe this hands-on service from Tim and his team helped us greatly both in terms of the level of quality and the costs associated with it. I highly recommend him and his team for anyone who is interested in this kind of cross-cultural, hands-on service.


Tim Brittain, CEO, SEAL Analytical Limited
In November 2006, SEAL Analytical Limited acquired an analytical instruments company. Included in the acquisition was a Japanese company, BLKK, with offices in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as a branch office in Seoul, Korea. Mr. Coomber and his team were appointed to perform an orderly close down of the two companies and to oversee the transfer of the business to independent distribution companies in both countries.

This process included:
  • Mr Coomber being appointed Managing Director BLKK Japan
  • Redundancy processing for all sraffs
  • Pension issues
  • Management of AP/AR
  • Physical closure of office and disposal of assets
  • Liaising with SEAL, the selling company and Independent distributors in Japan and Korea 
The whole process has been managed by Mr. Coomber and his team in an extremely professional manner. For SEAL Analytical, as a small UK company, this process would have been fraught with danger and Mr. Coomber provided the local management, know-how and language skills necessary to get the job done in a timely and cost efficient manner.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Coomber and his company.